Our Services The services that we offer, while offered by other roofing companies in Minnesota, are unique in how we perform them. We provide roof inspection services, assist with insurance claims, hail damage repair, storm damage assessment and repair, snow and ice dam removal, tear-offs, and chimney re-flashing. We will also help you in deciding which service is ideal for you. Furthermore, we will help you choose the products that you need. Sometimes, choosing products can be difficult, so we make the process much easier for you. Overall, the goal is to not only provide you with exceptional service but also to ensure the stress associated with repairing or replacing your roof is as stress-free as possible.

Our Methods

The methods that we use are governed by a strict quality assurance system that is designed to prevent potential problems and address existing problems. This helps to make sure the construction process is a seamless one. We strive for our clients to have a good experience from the moment they make the call to the moment the final walkthrough is finished after the project completion. The way we do things makes us a unique Brooklyn Park roofing company and one that is highly sought after all over the Twin Cities area.

Our Materials

We only use the best materials when repairing or replacing your roof. The following products are amongst the best in the roofing industry:

  • Asphalt and Fiberglass Shingles
  • Cedar Shakes and Shingles
  • Flashing, Drip Edge, and Vents
  • Malarky
  • Owens Corning
  • Velux Skylights
  • CertainTeed

It should be noted that quality materials are nothing without proper installation of those materials. For instance, we make sure we follow manufacturer’s instructions when installing Velux Skylights, nailing down shingles, or installing ridge or turtle vents. Following manufacturer instructions means ensuring the optimal functionality of the product. Any deviation could result in failure of that product. We are very particular about installing a product the way it was made to be installed because failure is not an option for us.

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When you need a committed roofing company with safe methods and a good quality assurance system, we can help. We will take care of your roof repairs or replacement quickly and efficiently so that your home can be in tip-top shape in no time. Any time that damage is allowed to remain, there is a risk that further damage can occur. For immediate assistance, call us at 612-919-6051 or fill out the online form for your free in-home consultation.

Hail And Wind Damage Sometimes, hail and wind damage go hand-in-hand. There are many instances in which the two occur at the same time. Wind in addition to hail can cause the hail to impact its surface harder and at unusual angles. Hail can also be so large that it can puncture a roof. Even small hail can do its fair share of damage if it impacts the roof hard enough. Wind also causes debris to fly, tree limbs to become airborne, and shingles to separate from the roofing. Any time shingles are damaged or missing or the roof is punctured, the probability that water will infiltrate the roof and make its way into the attic or into the interior walls of the home is very likely and requires quick intervention. What we do is come to your home immediately and address the issue so that any further damage is not done to your home. This is especially important when it is raining because water damage can be extremely expensive to repair. Any time damage can be prevented, measures need to be taken quickly.

Ice Dams And Snow

Ice dams are the perfect example of a phenomenon that can be prevented or else risk roof damage. Our Burnsville roofing company is very experienced in ice dam removal and prevention. The removal process is one that is very delicate so that damage is not caused to the roof during the removal process. As for what an ice dam is, it is water runoff that freezes along a roof’s edge, creating a dam that traps future water runoff. When water sits in one place, it must find a way out. Usually, this way out is through any cracks that may already exist in the roof. Sometimes, cracks can be caused by the heavy snow that existed before the melting process began. Other times, the water will find its way beneath the shingle and will eventually infiltrate the roofing to make its way into the attic or the walls of the home. Through ice dam removal and even snow removal, roof damage can be prevented. If a roof is damaged, then we have the tools and the expertise to make the necessary repairs and also implement methods to prevent future ice dams. Of course, future snow pileups cannot be prevented, but we are always there to remove them so that your roof does not have to wear out prematurely due to being constantly bombarded by heavy snow from year to year.

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Wind, hail, ice dams, or snow, you need a roofing contractor with experience and a professional attitude. We will quickly carry out repairs and do what we can to prevent future damage if doing so is possible. If your roof has sustained damage because of severe weather, then call us immediately at 612-919-6051 or fill out our online form to schedule your free estimate. We will come to your home, evaluate the damage, and provide you with a free estimate.

Siding Contractors Lino Lakes

Alexander Home Exteriors offers a wide range of services including: Exterior services – our extensive range of services for the outside of your home include roofing restorations and inspections, new siding and seamless gutter installation and construction to new and existing homes. Interior services – our interior services include replacement windows in all different shapes and forms, kitchen renovations, room additions, painting Damage to the home – if your home has suffered any damage due to storm, wind, hail, rain, snow or ice, then we can provide a full cleanup and repair service. We work with insurance providers across Minnesota and on a national scale to ensure you have minimal out of pocket expenses.

Replacement Windows Lino Lakes

Renovating your home comes with plenty of pros. Replacing your windows or your siding will provide your home with a beautiful new look and add value to the resale value. Furthermore, they will both cut the cost of your heating and cooling systems by a considerable amount. A window replacement ensures that your home remains insulated and secure during the hot and cold seasons in Lino Lakes, MN. Restoring your roof after any minor or major damage will also add years to your home and ensure your family and your contents are protected for the next winter season. Don’t wait until the roof is already leaking. By then it is too late. As Alexander Home Exteriors we offer roofing inspections, single shingle repairs and chimney reflashing to ensure your roof does its and protects your family all year round.

Affordable, Reliable and Professional

At Alexander Home Exteriors we only work with the best names in the business. Our materials come from big names in the industry such as Certain-Teed, Owens’s Corning, GAF/ELK, Pella, Marvin and Tyvek. All of our contractors are experienced and fully licensed. What the means is that you are getting the best service from concept to construction and completion, no matter what job you are looking into. If you are looking into any home renovations or repairs then you want to know your home is in the best hands. Alexander Home Exteriors can provide you with the ease and confidence needed to start and finish the job. We have been helping homeowners with roofing, repairs and other renovation services in Lino Lakes for over 25 years. We look forward to working with you.

For a free estimate contact the team at Alexander Home Exteriors at 612-919-6051.

Siding Contractors Blaine

Our services extend to the interior and exterior of your home and include: Roofing as a leading name in roofing, Alexander Home Exteriors provides roofing restorations and repairs to homeowners across Blaine, MN. This includes inspections, chimney reflashing, and minor shingle repairs to full roofing restorations. Gutters – seamless gutters offer a smoother and more professional way to keep your home looking its best. Come in and see what we can offer your home. Siding – new siding will not only beautify the exterior of your home but it will also protect it from the harsh weather conditions and other problems. Choose from a wide range of colors and materials to suit your home. Windows – replacing your windows is a great way to lower your heating and cooling costs all the while brightening up your home. Ask us about the energy savings incentives in place to cut down immensely on the replacement costs. Storm damage – has your home suffered damage due to snow, ice, wind, hail, or other storm damage? We work with insurance providers to get you the quickest and more affordable repairs out there. Construction – looking to add on to your home or design a new home? Alexander Home Exteriors is also a leading name in home design. For a truly unique home that complements your living needs, speak to our team today.

Replacement Windows Blaine

We know how important your home is to you. This is because we are local homeowners ourselves. Even minor repairs can be made stressful if you do not trust the company you are working with. However, when you work with Alexander Home Exteriors we can offer you the support and the assistance needed to make the right decision. Whether you have a clear idea of what you want or are still contemplating materials, colors, and designs, we can help you map out exactly what you want and deliver the goods. This is our promise to you.

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If you are ready to take the plunge into any home renovation project, then let Alexander Home Exteriors lead the way! With A+ ratings from Angie’s List, you can rest assured that our guidance, material, and workmanship will exceed your expectations. We work with only the highest quality materials and trusted names in the industry such as Pella, Marvin, Certain-Teed, Owens’s Corning, GAF/ELK, and Anderson Paints. Contact our team today at 612-919-6051 for a free estimate on any home renovation project.