Insurance Company Assistance Homeowners pay a premium to their insurance companies monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually in order to ensure that home repairs are taken care of with minimum out-of-pocket costs. However, the insurance companies want to provide the lowest possible settlement. They are preserving their bottom line, but they are not always helping the homeowner. The insurance adjuster is going to evaluate the property and figure a low estimate in order to save the insurer money. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure the highest possible amount of money is awarded and we can help. We can also provide an estimate and give you the advice you need when making your claim. So after the storm passes or you suspect that there is damage to your roof, call us for an estimate and we can tell you what your steps need to be, especially since you need to call our insurer’s claims hotline as soon as possible.

The Free Estimate

The free estimate is quite simple. You call us, we come to your home at the scheduled time, evaluate the damage, and then provide you with a monetary figure and a breakdown of what it entails. You will never be bombarded with hidden costs. You will know what every penny is going toward. You can then take this estimate and use it to determine the project budget or to provide it to your insurance company in an effort to get the highest settlement possible. You can expect the estimate to be a very thorough one because we inspect every element of your roof and take pictures as we work. Once the estimate is created, you do not have to worry about us using high-pressure sales tactics. We understand that most of our clients operate on tight budgets and we don’t want to cause anyone to break the bank with unnecessary expenses.

Contact A Bloomington Roofing Company

If your roof is in need of intervention in order to preserve the integrity of your home, Alexander Home Exteriors has the solution you need. From the thorough roofing estimate to the completion of service, we are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Call us today at 612-919-6051 or fill out our online form to schedule your free estimate.

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